A Rainbow of Readers
A Rainbow of Books

Scholastic Book Fair

September 6-16, 2022

open 8:30-am-1:30 pm for student shopping
through FRIDAY, September 16


Frequently Asked Questions

available to pre-order!

pre-pay during the Book Fair and we will deliver to your classroom when it's published!

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$14.09 (price includes tax)

#42 迷你背包笔记套装  $8.67* 每个

#43 Pointer  每个 $5.42*

diper overlode.jpg

#41 迷你记事本 (3 种样式中选择 1 种)$4.34*

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Diper Overlode

      by Jeff Kinney

publishing date:  October 25

cat kid collab.jpg

$14.09 (price includes tax)

Cat Kid Comic Club: Collaborations

publishing date:  November 29

Shelf 1A.jpg

To Change a Planet  $20.59*

The Pout-Pout Fish and the Worry-Worry Whale       


Fly Guy & Fly Girl: Night Fright  $8.67*

My Bindi  $19.51*

Disney Princess Phonics Collection: Short Vowels 


JOURNAL: Disney Princess Rhinestone Diary  $11.92*

Gabby’s Dollhouse: Kitty School (with stickers)        


JOURNAL: Gabby’s Dollhouse: Plush with Sparkles 


JoJo Siwa: My Life Story So Far (with necklace) 


Disney Zombies  $7.59*

Disney Villains: Phonics Reading Program (12 book

      set)  $16.26*

Are You Ready to Play Outside?  $6.50*

We Are In a Book  $6.50*

Should I Share My Ice Cream?  $6.50*

Waiting Is Not Easy!  $6.50*

A Big Guy Took My Ball!  $6.50*

Who Is the Mystery Reader?  $14.09*

I Want to Sleep Under the Stars!  $14.09*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 1B.jpg

Lego City: Big City Journal (with minifigure)  $14.09*

Attack of the 50-Foot Fly Guy  $7.59*

I Spy Fly Guy!  $5.42*

Fly Guy & Fly Girl: Friendly Frenzy  $5.42*

Fly Guy Presents: Dogs  $5.42*

Who Would Win? Extreme Animal Rumble  $8.67*

Llamas  $2.17*

There Was an Old Astronaut Who Swallowed the Moon!  $5.42*

There Was an Old Mermaid Who Swallowed a Shark!  $5.42*

There Was an Old Scientist Who Swallowed a Dinosaur!  $5.42*

DC League of Superpets (with stickers)  $6.50*

Minecraft: Escape from the Nether! (with stickers) 


Minecraft: Survival Mode! (with stickers)  $6.50*

Big Race Seek and Find (with stickers)  $9.75*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 1C.jpg

Anna, Elsa, and the Secret River  $10.84*

Stand Up!  $20.59*

Pete the Cat’s Family Road Trip  $5.42*

Pete the Cat and the Surprise Teacher  $5.42*

Pete the Kitty: Ready, Set, Go-Cart  $5.42*

Pete the Cat: Super Pete  $5.42*

Pete the Cat’s Not So Groovy Day  $5.42*

Pete the Cat: Making New Friends  $5.42*

Pete the Kitty and the Unicorn’s Missing Colors 


Sunny Day: Pancake Party  $2.17*

Princess Truly: I Am Super Girl!  $5.42*

Fox Tails: The Biggest Roller Coaster  $5.42*

Mermaid Days: The Sea Monster  $5.42*

Racing Ace: Build It! Jump It!  $5.42*

Dino Ranch: Home on the Ranch (with stickers) 


PJ Masks: Meet Carly and Cartoka!  $5.42*

The Itchy Book!  $10.84*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 1D.jpg

The Good Egg and the Talent Show  $5.42*

Red Titan and the Runaway Robot  $7.59*

Red Titan and the Floor of Lava  $7.59*

Spidey and His Amazing Friends: Spidey Saves the

      Day  $8.67*

Spidey and His Amazing Friends: Hose-Sitting at

      Tony’s  $5.42*

Meet Five Marvel Super Heroes  $8.67*

The Loud House: No Bus, No Fuss (with stickers) 


The Casagrandes: We’re All Familia  $8.67*

JOURNAL: Minnie Mouse Squishy Glitter  $14.09*

My Magical Friends: Unicorn Rescue (with charm

      bracelet)  $7.59*

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery: Meet Alice  $5.42*

Pet Charms: Here, Kitty, Kitty (with charm bracelet) 


Meet the Fairies (with necklace)  $6.50*

The Bad Seed Goes to the Library  $5.42*

Best Friends in the Snow  $5.42*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 2A.jpg

TIe-Dye Messenger Bag Kit  $16.26*

Peppa Pig: Hide-and-Seek Scratch Magic  $5.42*

Slime Cafe Kit  $14.09*

Dog Breath  $6.50*

Never Let a Dinosaur Scribble!  $7.59*

Speak Up, Molly Lou Melon  $6.50*

I Promise  $8.67*

Alma and How She Got Her Name  $6.50*

Minnie Perfect Day Playset (with figurines)  $14.09*

Water Wonder: Disney Princess Magical Friends 


Not Quite Snow White  $6.50*

Love the World  $6.50*

All Are Welcome  $7.59*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 2B.jpg

I Color Myself Different  $9.75*

Eyes that Kiss in the Corners  $7.59*

Mommy’s Khimar  $6.50*

Hair Love  $6.50*

You Are Enough  $6.50*

Turkey Goes to School  $7.59*

The Three Little Superpigs: Once Upon a Time 


Just Add Glitter  $7.59*

Never Let a Unicorn Scribble!  $7.59*

Go Away, Unicorn!  $6.50*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 2C.jpg

I’m a Unicorn  $19.51*

Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves to Bake  $6.50*

Gabby’s Dollhouse: Purr-fect Family Visit (with

      stickers)  $6.50*

Gabby’s Dollhouse: Happy Cat-O-Ween! (with

      stickers)  $6.50*

When You Adopt a Pugicorn  $7.59*

How to Catch a Unicorn  $6.50*

Poe and Lars  $7.59*

Unicorn Club  $7.59*

Bloop  $6.50*

Unicorns Are the Worst!  $7.59*

Itty-Bitty Kitty Corn  $8.67*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 2D.jpg

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Ghost! 


The Underpants  $7.59*

Dona Esmeralda, Who Ate Everything  $7.59*

Big Feelings  $9.75*

Daddy and Me and the Rhyme to Be  $8.67*

Skater Cielo  $8.67*

Lightyear: How to Be a Space Ranger (with stickers) 


The Little Blue Bridge  $6.50*

My Very Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World 


More than Peach  $7.59*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 3A.jpg

The Smart Cookie  $21.68*

Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams (with bracelet)  $14.09*

Pig the Stinker  $5.42*

Pig the Rebel  $8.67*

Pig the Monster  $7.59*

Pig the Tourist  $6.50*

I’ll Be Your Dog  $8.67*

Ryan’s Dinosaur Egg-venture!  $7.59*

Ryan’s Mystery Playdate: Who Will It Be?  $7.59*

Ryan’s Pizza Party (with stickers)  $7.59*

Ryan’s Mystery Playdate: Ultimate Challenge Time!

      (with stickers)  $7.59*

Miraculous: Scratch Fantastic! $14.09*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 3B.jpg

The Little Mermaid ABCs (with stickers)  $6.50*

PJ Masks: Monster of the Deep!  $5.42*

Spidey and His Amazing Friends: Construction

      Destruction  $6.50*

The Little Butterfly That Could  $6.50*

Miraculous: Scratch Fantastic!  $14.09*

I Found a Kitty!  $7.59*

The Cool Bean  $6.50*

The Bad Seed  $6.50*

The Good Egg  $6.50*

The Grumpy Pirate  $6.50*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 3C.jpg

Build Your Own Secret Puzzle Safe Kit  $18.42*

My Little Pony Necklace Activity Kit  $17.34*

Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map  $4.34*

I Need a Hug  $5.42*

I Don’t Want to Be Big  $5.42*

Emi Isn’t Scared of Monsters  $7.59*

We Will Rock Our Classmates  $8.67*

Bluey: Camping (with stickers)  $6.50*

Cars: On the Road  $7.59*

Cat and Dog  $8.67*

Pete the Cat: Firefighter Pete (with stickers)  $5.42*

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party  $7.59*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 3D.jpg

Moon!  $7.59*

Pikwik Pack: Suki Goes with the Flow (with stickers) 


Set Your Alarm, Sloth!  $7.59*

The Hugasaurus  $8.67*

Brave Dave  $7.59*

Definitely Do Not Open This Book  $7.59*

Dragons Love Tacos 2  $7.59*

Macca the Alpaca  $5.42*

Llama Glamarama  $3.25*

Grumpy Monkey: Party Time!  $8.67*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 4A.jpg

Change Sings  $20.59*

Gabby’s Playhouse (with headband)  $14.09*

Our Planet! There’s No Place Like Earth  $21.68*

Lily to the Rescue: Two Little Piggies  $6.50*

The Puppy Place: Zig & Zag  $6.50*

The Puppy Place: Bingo  $6.50*

Diary of a Pug: Pug’s Got Talent  $6.50*

Diary of a Pug: Scaredy-Pug  $6.50*

Diary of a pug: Pug’s Sleepover  $6.50*

Puppy Princess: Party Time!  $5.42*

Kitty’s Magic: Misty the Scared Kitten  $3.25*

Kitten Kingdom Three-Book Pack  $16.26*

Home for Meow: The Purrfect Show  $7.59*

The Story Puppy  $6.50*

Owl Diaries: Get Well, Eva  $6.50*

Unicorn Diaries: Bo’s Magical New Friend  $5.42*

Unicorn Diaries: Bo and the Merbaby  $6.50*

Unicorn Diaries: The Missing Magic  $6.50*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 4B.jpg

Cutiecorns: Lost and Found  $6.50*

Mermaids to the Rescue: Cali Plays Fair  $7.59*

Pegasus Princess: Mist’s Maze  $6.50*

Dragon Girls: Naomi the Rainbow Glitter Dragon 


Dragon Girls: Mei the Ruby Treasure Dragon 


Dragon Girls: Aisha the Sapphire Treasure Dragon 


Dragon Girls: Quinn the Jade Treasure Dragon 


Cutiecorns: Heart of Gold  $6.50*

Whatever After: Abby in Wonderland  $7.59*

Whatever After: Just Dance  $7.59*

Horsetail Hollow: Magically Maximus  $7.59*

Baby-Sitters Little Sister: Karen’s Worst Day 


Baby-Sitters Little Sister: Karen’s Kittycat Club 


That Girl LayLay: Talent Showdown  $7.59*

Karma’s World: The Great Shine-a-thon Showcase! 


JoJo & Bow Bow: The Posh Puppy Pageant  $7.59*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 4C.jpg

The Undefeated  $19.51*

The Tree in the Courtyard  $19.51*

Good Night, Mr. Panda  $5.42*

Cat Kid Comic Club  $14.09*

Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives  $14.09*

Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose  $14.09*

Dog Man: Unleashed  $14.09*

Dog Man and Cat Kid  $14.09*

Dog Man  $14.09*

Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild  $14.09*

Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls  $14.09*

Dog Man: Fetch-22  $14.09*

Dog Man: Grime and Punishment  $14.09*

Dog Man: Mothering Heights  $14.09*

The Bailey School Kids: Vampires Don’t Wear Polka

      Dots  $8.67*

The Bailey School Kids: Frankenstein Doesn’t Plant

      Petunias  $8.67*

Monday: Into the Cave of Thieves  $3.25*

The Binder of Doom: Brute-Cake  $2.17*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 4D.jpg

Class Pets Two-Book Pack  $10.84*

Pets Rule! My Kingdom of Darkness  $6.50*

The Inflatables in Bad Air Day  $7.59*

The Inflatables in Mission Un-Poppable  $7.59*

The Bad Guys in Cut to the Chase  $7.59*

The Bad Guys in They’re Bee-hind You!  $7.59*

The Bad Guys in Open Wide and Say Arrrgh! 


The Bad Guys: Movie Novelization  $7.59*

Animals to the Rescue! Balto  $6.50*

Ranger in Time: D-Day Battle on the Beach  $6.50*

Ranger in Time: Escape from the Twin Towers 


Bad Food: The Good, The Bad, and the Hungry 


Press Start! Super Rabbit Boy World!  $6.50*

The Loud House: Arcade or Bust!  $7.59*

Minecraft: Ghast in the Machine!  $7.59*

Naruto: The Tests of a Ninja  $5.42*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 5A.jpg

Stick and Stone: Best Friends Forever!  $19.51*

Lost and Found  $19.51*

Bolivar  $32.51*

The List of Things That Will Not Change  $9.75*

Pokemon Journeys: Mystery of the Missing Food (with

      poster)  $6.50*

Pokemon: Handbook to the Galar Region (with

      poster)  $10.84*

Pokemon: Legendary and Mythical Guidebook 


Pokemon Sinnoh Region: The Power of Three (with

      eraser)  $9.75*

Pokemon Sun & Moon:  Go, Popplio! (with erasers) 


JOURNAL: Super Mario  $11.92*

Super Mario: Meet Mario! (with stickers)  $6.50*

Pokemon: Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook 


PJ Masks: Team PJ Masks  $5.42*

Lightyear: Mission Teamwork (with stickers)  $6.50*

Spiderman Phonics Collection: Short Vowels  $9.75*

Lego Movie: Epic Character Handbook  $3.79*

Lego: Mighty Machines  $2.17*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 5B.jpg

Squishmallows: The Official Collector’s Guide 


Water Wonder: Flutterby’s Fashion Disaster  $11.92*

That Girl LayLay: Slay Together, Stay Together 


Barbie: New Friends, True Friends! (with stickers) 


Trolls: Rainbow Adventure! (with pencil topper) 


My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Crew Collector’s Guide

      (with figurine)  $13.01*

Lego Ninjago: Sssnake Time (with minifigures) 


Avengers: Greatest Heroes Unite (with pencil topper) 


Make Your Own NERF Launchers Kit  $16.26*

Lego City: To the Rescue (with minifigure)  $9.75*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 5C.jpg

Neck & Neck  $19.51*

I Walk with Vanessa  $19.51*

The Scarecrow  $20.59*

My Awesome Sharks Book  $11.92*

3D Sharks (with 3D glasses)  $9.75*

Glow Animals (with jellyfish squishy)  $9.75*

Sea Bunnies (with sea bunny squishy)  $9.75*

Penguins! (with erasers)  $7.59*

Animal Homes  $5.42*

The Ocean Is Kind of a Big Deal  $7.59*

Come Closer If You Dare!  $8.67*

Planets: Our Solar System  $9.75*

Hot Lava! (with metallic slime)  $10.84*

Who Would Win? Fiercest Feuds  $11.92*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 5D.jpg

Lego Ninjago: Secrets of the Ninja (with minifigure) 


Tech Deck: Stunts, Tips, and Tricks! (with fingerboard

      and ramp)  $16.26*

Monster Trucks in 3D (with 3D glasses)  $9.75*

Lego Book of Fun (with minifigure)  $16.26*

Lego City: Go Extreme! (with minifigure)  $10.84*

Battlebots: The Official Guide  $10.84*

Everything Awesome ABout Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Beasts  $5.42*

What If You Had an Animal Tongue?  $6.50*

What Makes a Monster?  $3.79*

Dynamite  (with life size replica T. rex tooth) 


Dinosaur Bites (with necklace)  $9.75*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 6A.jpg

Dinosaur Rivals!  $14.09*

Disney Junior Phonics Set (12 books)  $14.09*

Caves  $21.68*

Maker Genius  $10.84*

Merci Suarez Changes Gears  $8.67*

Front Desk  $8.67*

Room to Dream  $19.51*

Three Keys  $8.67*

Key Player  $19.51*

Bhai for Now  $19.51*

Attack of the Black Rectangles  $20.59*

The Season of Styx Malone  $8.67*

A Snicker of Magic  $8.67*

Hummingbird  $19.51*

Wolf Hollow  $9.75*

My Own Lightning  $19.51*

The Year We Fell from Space  $8.67*

We Are Family  $19.51*

Other Words for Home  $9.75*

The Witches  $16.26*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 6B.jpg

Out of My Heart  $20.59*

Wonder Illustrated Edition  $27.09*

JOURNAL: Dragon Medallion  $16.26*

Stay Alive  $8.67*

The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg 


We Own the Sky  $20.59*

Barakah Beats  $19.51*

Island of Spies  $20.59*

Class Act  $14.09*

Booked  $14.09*

Jacky Ha-Ha  $14.09*

Witchlings  $19.51*

The Last Cuentista  $10.84*

Scary Stories for Young Foxes  $9.75*

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky  $9.75*

A Tale of Witchcraft  $10.84*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 6C.jpg

Who Would Win? Fiercest Feuds  $11.92*

Who Would Win? Extreme Animal Rumble 


Dinosaur Face-Off! (with life-size replica claw and

      tooth)  $19.51*

Fangs!  $10.84*

Where is Walt Disney World?  $6.50*

Where Is Area 51?  $6.50*

What Is Lego?  $6.50*

What Were the Twin Towers?  $6.50*

Who Were the Navajo Code Talkers  $6.50*

Who Was Kobe Bryant?  $5.42*

Who Was the Greatest? Muhammad Ali  $8.67*

Who Was the First Man on the Moon? Neil Armstrong  $8.67*

The Deadliest Diseases Then and Now  $8.67*

Dog Driven  $8.67*

D-Day  $9.75*

We Had to Be Brave  $11.92*

Into the Clouds  $8.67*

Crash from Outer Space  $10.84*

Crack the Code  $14.09*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 6D.jpg

Rock On! (with rock samples)  $11.92*

Rock On! Gold (with rock samples)  $11.92*

Rock On! Crystals and Geodes (with rock samples) 


Rock On! Gems (with rock samples)  $11.92*

Reptiles! (with life-size replica rattlesnake rattle) 


King Cobra and Other Sensational Serpents! (with replica snake skeleton)  $14.09*

Totally Random Questions  $9.75*

Shark Face-Off! (with life size replica shark teeth) 


Dinosaurs Rule! (with replica spinosaurus claw) 


*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 7A.jpg

Minecraft  $6.50*

Pig the Rebel  $8.67*

Pete the Cat Rocking Field Day  $5.42*

Ben Franklin’s in My Bathroom!  $15.17*

Black Panther: Into the Heartlands  $14.09*

Absolutely Nat  $14.09*

Sisters  $14.09*

Guts  $14.09*

PAWS: Gabby Gets It Together  $14.09*

Growing Pangs  $14.09*

Sunny Makes a Splash  $14.09*

Dara Palmer’s Major Drama  $5.42*

Dork Diaries  $15.17*

Miss Quinces  $14.09*

Baby-Sitters Little Sister: Karen’s Witch  $2.17*

The Baby-Sitters Club: Boy-Crazy Stacy  $11.92*

The Baby-Sitters Club: Logan Likes Mary Anne! 


The Baby-Sitters Club: Claudia and the New Girl 


The Baby-Sitters Club: Kristy and the Snobs  $14.09*

The Baby-Sitters Club: Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye 


The Baby-Sitters Club: Jessi’s Secret Language 


*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 7B.jpg

JOURNAL: Unicorn Magic  $5.42*

JOURNAL: Caticorn with Storage Pocket  $14.09*

JOURNAL: Plush Unicorn  $14.09*

JOURNAL: Plush Owl  $16.26*

JOURNAL: Plush Kitty  $14.09*

JOURNAL: Tie-Dye Panda  $14.09*

Panda Stationery Set  $11.92*

JOURNAL: Unicorn Gumball Machine  $16.26*

That Girl LayLay: It’s Time to #Slay  $14.09*

JOURNAL: Avocado with Charm  $14.09*

Smart Phone Stationery Set  $10.84*

JOURNAL: Plush Slushie  $14.09*

JOURNAL: Unicorn Rainbow Cake  $11.92*

JOURNAL: Spread Sunshine (with charm)  $16.26*

JOURNAL: Cheerful Daisies  $11.92*

JOURNAL: Friends Fur-ever  $10.84*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 7C.jpg

I Love My Beautiful Hair  $9.75*

Kiss, Kiss, Little Fish!  $10.84*

Water Wonder: Pups Save a Pie Swap  $11.92*

Rusty Rivets: Build a Pet (with magnets)  $14.09*

Better with Butter  $8.67*

Nubby’s Story  $7.59*

Rosie’s Story  $8.67*

The Dog’s Meow  $7.59*

My Otter Half  $8.67*

Hearts & Crafts: Pet Project  $8.67*

Becoming Brianna  $14.09*

Remarkably Ruby  $15.17*

Clique Here  $8.67*

Hedge Over Heels  $8.67*

Meow or Never  $8.67*

Wish Upon a Stray  $8.67*

Lety Out Loud  $8.67*

Double Clique  $7.59*

Pizza My Heart  $8.67*

A Batch Made in Heaven  $8.67*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 7D.jpg

Horse Country: Friends Like These  $8.67*

Horse Country: Can’t Be Tamed  $8.67*

Don’t Judge Me  $8.67*

Blended  $8.67*

Controlled Burn  $8.67*

This Is Not a Drill  $8.67*

I Know Your Secret  $8.67*

I Know You’re Lying  $8.67*

The One and Only Bob  $20.59*

The One and Only Ivan  $9.75*

Her Own Two Feet  $2.17*

Good Dog  $7.59*

Best Wishes  $7.59*

The Future Necklace  $7.59*

High School Musical The Series: In the Spotlight 


High School Musical The Series: Novelization 


*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 8A.jpg

Barbie: Friends Forever (with two necklaces) 


Chomp! Chomp! I’m a Shark!  $10.84*

My First Elements  $2.17*

I Love You More  $9.75*

Be Curious!  $10.84*

I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912  $11.92*

I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916  $11.92*

I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967 


I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001 


I Survived the Wellington Avalanche, 1910  $6.50*

I Survived the Galveston Hurricane, 1900  $6.50*

I Survived the California WIldfires, 2018  $6.50*

I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001 


I Survived the Nazi Invasion, 1944  $6.50*

I Survived the Battle of D-Day, 1944  $6.50*

I Survived the Great Molasses Flood, 1919  $6.50*

I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 


Courageous Creatures  $8.67*

18 Days Underground  $6.50*

Bound for Home  $8.67*

Wild River  $2.17*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 8B.jpg

The Deadliest Fires Then and Now  $8.67*

Projekt 1065  $9.75*

Ground Zero  $11.92*

Escape from East Berlin  $8.67*

Finding Zasha  $9.75*

Trapped in Hitler’s Web  $8.67*

Don’t Tell the Nazis  $2.17*

Rescue  $9.75*

A Night Divided  $9.75*

Winterkill  $8.67*

Making Bombs for Hitler  $8.67*

Traitors Among Us  $8.67*

Signs of Survival  $7.59*

Torpedoed  $9.75*

Resistance  $8.67*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 8C.jpg

The Fiery Little Dragon  $10.84*

Ten Mini Mermaids  $14.09*

Pete the Cat: Crayons Rock!  $20.59*

Game of Stars  $2.17*

Future Hero: Race to Fire Mountain  $7.59*

Spider-Ham: Hollywood Mayham  $9.75*

Miles Morales: Shock Waves  $14.09*

Avengers Assembly: Orientation  $8.67*

Avengers Assembly: The Sinister Substitute  $10.84*

Avengers Assembly: X-change Students 101 


The Tyrell Show  $8.67*

The Friendship War  $8.67*

Freestyle  $14.09*

It’s the End of the World and I’m in My Bathing Suit 


High Score  $8.67*

The Fort  $8.67*

Linked  $11.92*

War Stories  $8.67*

Unplugged  $8.67*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 8D.jpg

Dumb and Dumber: Irrational Treasure  $16.26*

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson’s

      Journal  $9.75*

Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure 


Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories 


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown  $9.75*

Diary of a WImpy Kid: Wrecking Ball  $9.75*

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Deep End  $10.84*

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Big Shot  $10.84*

Doug the Pug: Food for Thought  $8.67*

Stick Cat: A Tail of Two Kitties  $7.59*

Kleptodogs: Who Let the Pups Out?  $2.17*

Kleptocorns: Surviving the Sparkle  $8.67*

Catwad: Four Me?  $10.84*

Catwad: High Five!  $10.84*

Big Nate: Payback Time!  $10.84*

Marcus Makes a Movie  $8.67*

#50  积极

Shelf 9A.jpg

10 Spooky Spiders  $14.09*

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween  $14.09*

Turkey Gobble  $10.84*

Never Touch the Grumpy Pumpkins  $10.84*

Hello Neighbor: Grave Mistakes  $3.25*

Hello Neighbor: Puzzle Master  $8.67*

Hello Neighbor: Reset Day  $8.67*

The Imposter’s Guide to Among Us  $9.75*

The Ultimate Guide to Among Us  $10.84*

JOURNAL: One More Game  $14.09*

JOURNAL: Game On  $5.42*

JOURNAL: Top Speed  $10.84*

Popular MMOs: Enter the Mine  $10.84*

Popular MMOs: Zombies’ Day Off  $5.42*

Popular MMOs: Into the Overworld  $13.01*

FGTeeV: The Switcheroo Rescue!  $14.09*

Spy Ninjas: Virtual Reality Madness  $14.09*

Spy Ninjas: The Ultimate Guidebook  $14.09*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 9B.jpg

ESports: The Ultimate Guide  $3.25*

2023 Level Up:  $16.26*

Pokemon: Visual Companion  $18.42*

Pokemon: Trainer’s Diary (with pencil topper) 


The Essential Handbook for Nintendo Switch 


Minecraft Master Builder: Dragons  $10.84*

Battle Station Prime: Escape from Fortress City 


JOURNAL: Level Up  $10.84*

JOURNAL: Minecraft  $11.92*

The Ultimate Builder’s Guide in Minecraft  $10.84*

Minecraft Epic Builds  $10.84*

Minecraft Mega Builds  $10.84*

Roblox: Build It, Win It!  $10.84*

101 Cool Things to Do in Roblox  $10.84*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 9C.jpg

Elf  $20.59*

Binny’s Diwali  $19.51*

The Pout-Pout Fish Halloween Faces  $10.84*

If Animals Trick-or-Treated  $20.59*

Goosebumps: Slappy Beware!  $14.09*

Goosebumps Two-Book Set (with UV pen)  $5.42*

Goosebumps Slappyworld: Slappy in Dreamland 


Exit 13: The Whispering Pines  $8.67*

The Collector  $8.67*

Escape  $8.67*

Vacancy  $8.67*

Darkroom  $8.67*

The Collected  $2.17*

The Ghost of Drowned Meadow  $9.75*

The Lonely Ghost  $8.67*

The Girl in the Lake  $8.67*

Mine  $8.67*

Took: A Ghost Story  $8.67*

Took A Ghost Story Graphic Novel  $14.09*

Wait Till Helen Comes  $14.09*

*all prices include sales tax

Shelf 9D.jpg

A Tale of Magic  $20.59*

Disney Chills: Part of Your Nightmare  $3.25*

Amary and the Night Brothers  $9.75*

苍蝇男和苍蝇女:夜惊  $8.67*

我的 Bindi  $19.51*

The Last Kids on Earth  $9.75*

The Last Kids on Earth and the Doomsday Race 


The Last Kids on Earth: Quint and Dirk’s Hero Quest 


The Hacker’s Key  $8.67*

Wings of Fire: The Flames of Hope  $18.42*

Wings of Fire: Dragonslayer  $10.84*

Wings of Fire: The Dark Secret  $14.09*

Wings of Fire: The Brightest Night  $14.09*

Battle Dragons: City of Thieves  $8.67*

Battle Dragons: City of Speed  $8.67*

Dragon Ops  $3.25*

Rise of the Dragons: The Lost Lands  $5.42*

*all prices include sales tax