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A Rainbow of Readers
A Rainbow of Books

Scholastic Book Fair

September 6-16, 2022

open 8:30-am-1:30 pm for student shopping
through FRIDAY, September 16


Frequently Asked Questions

eWallet Sign-up link

*please be aware that funds placed in eWallet are not refunded to you after the Book Fair. They are transferred to a Scholastic e-gift certificate. Details can be found in the eWallet FAQ


Book Previews

price below book cover includes sales tax


Facts and Stats

Year in Sports 2023.jpg


What if You Had T-Rex Teeth_edited.jpg
Shark Bites_edited.jpg



Easy Readers

I'm a Frog!.jpg


Pete the Kitty and the Unicorn's Missing Colors.jpg


Loud House Old Friends New Friends.jpg


Let's Swing, Spidey Team_edited.jpg


Red Titan The Never Ending Maze.jpg



for more previews go to

**please note**
our Book Fair will not include the Young Adult titles from this preview page and may not include some of the Middle Grade and/or Nonfiction titles

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